Don’t want to change your natural curly hair? Well, using your natural hair look to create attractive styles is the best way to work with what you have. Let’s check out some short hairstyles for curly hair that you can flaunt!

Short Pixie Cut

If you are apprehensive about not being able to handle those curls, then this is the perfect style for you. It is styled by getting short cuts on the top of your head and longer ones at the back towards the nape for a perfect pixie style. This is an awesome hairstyle that looks good even without much combing or styling.

Short Pixie Cut


Tight Curls till Nape

This is the right hairstyle if you have very tight curls and can’t handle even little long hair.  This is a nape length hairstyle that has curls all over; the back is little short so that the hair falls just till the nape. This style gives a fashionable, modern chic look without the problems of managing unwanted long hair.



Really Short dropped Down Curls:

This is an ultimate hairstyle that completely blends sexy-ness, glamour and coolness. It represents a style with curls that shows them off in the most flattering way possible.  This hairstyle is marked by cutting the hair at nape really short, so that it sticks there.  Bangs look good in front, so if possible one should keep them.



Short Symmetric Curls

This is the hairstyle that you were looking for if you want your curls to be short, yet with some ‘look’ of length to them. This is a symmetrically cut short hairstyle. An ideal length for this hairstyle is only till the ears or little below it. This style gives hair a lot of volume and bounce, but keeps it from looking just too big.

These are attractive sassy short hairstyles for curly hair that would take almost anybody’s breath away. They are easily cut according to your preference at all your nearby salons. So what are you waiting for? Choose your style and go curly!