The ladies with deep complexion or black women have a very stylish look especially when it comes to the hairstyles. There are many hairstyles flaunted by the dusky beautiful women that look absolutely amazing to look at. These ladies have very beautiful and jet black hair.

Short hairstyles for black women are in trend these days as they go along with the overall personality they have. The dusky beauties look astonishing in the jet black and brown hair that is cut short. Short hairstyles for black woman are many but there are only few that suit everybody. These are few elegant hairstyles

Two Layer Dropping Hairstyle

This is a beautiful hairstyle for fine short hair. It looks amazing on black shiny hair and gives those glamorous looks. It suits the most on long and oval faces.  A side fringe adds on to the hairstyle.

Two Layer dropping Hairstyle


Short Foxy Straight Style

This is a bob cut like hairstyle that looks awesome with fringes in the front. This hairstyle looks wonderful on women with straight black hair. It adds bounce and volume to hair and makes you look absolutely stunning.

Short Foxy Straight Style


Braided Short Style

This is one style that suits all women with deep complexion. It looks stunning on women with deeper complexion. Small different sized braids can be formed and pinned together on the crown.

Braided Short Style


Angled Bob

We talked about straight styled bob initially, this is an angled bob with fringes parted or angled to one side.  It looks very formal and elegant.

Angled bob


Pixie Cut

This is an evergreen short hairstyle that suits all ladies. It looks beautiful on women with round, square and oval face cuts.  It is a sexy hairstyle for women of all ages.

Pixie Cut


These are few hairstyles that would look stunning on every woman with short hair and deep complexion.